Batiste Rhum

Sustainable Craft Rum.

Batiste Rhum is authentic, verifiably eco-positive, single origin 100% sugar cane rum from the island of Marie Galante in the French Caribbean. A beautiful place, famous for growing the world’s best sugarcane. Plus, experts and wannabees like me all agree that a cool climate near water is ideal for aging spirits, so in addition to it’s gorgeous and inspired upbringing on Marie Galante, Batiste is then brought to San Francisco for aging and bottling along the shores of the the Bay. We are talking about the highest quality Rum using only the best ingredients, AND they are the first third party verified carbon negative rum product made at the only eco-positive distillery in the Caribbean. It’s the real deal, plus it’s drinking for good! And please note, if you don’t “like Rum”, get ready to have your mind changed. We don’t want you changing, we want you just the way you are, BUT we also want you enjoying a Strawberry Rum Daiquiri with a smile.

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