DNS Wines

Experts in Burgundy, France (in general), Greece, and Italy.

We have all had that moment while tasting a bunch of wine. You go and go and go, and then you stop. Because you just refuse to budge. The wine in your mouth is literally physically impossible to spit out. It’s just too good! That is DNS (Do Not Spit). The primary partners, Todd Mathis and Dionysi Grevenitis have the same love of wines from site specific Domaines, in whichever country they happen to be drinking. We are talking about Emmanuel Rouget, Benoit Ente and Perrot-Minot, hand in hand with Hatzidakis, Economou and Koutsogiannopoulos. A truly brilliant group of producers, who could not be more different, and yet very much the same, because the through line is delicious.

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