Single varietal wines from the Central Coast with verve, character and a touch of irreverence.

Groundwork is all about the fundamentals. Curt Schalchlin of Sans Liege is going back to the basics here, after 20 years in the cellar. The beauty of simplicity. Awesome sites with great dirt, farmed responsibly, and made with minimal intervention in the cellar. Initially inspired by the less is more deliciousness of the Rhône Valley, Curt is now making Picpoul, Petit Verdot, Graciano, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as Grenache, Rose of Grenache, Grenache Blanc and Counoise. Plus, they are priced to make sure nothing stands in the way of enjoying a great bottle of wine, any night of the week. Thank you Curt!

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