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Hendry is a small estate winery located in the south-western Napa valley. Their 117 acres of vineyard lie on gently sloping terrain between 160 & 290 ft. in elevation. Thin stony soils and a moderate climate allow the production of a wide range of varietals. Most of this property has belonged to the Hendry family since 1939. At Hendry, the importance of the vineyard is stressed, and they’ve devoted much of their time to understanding its variation on small scales. Combinations of soil, climate, varietal and clone are critical, and for this reason, they have divided it into 50 different blocks, each managed separately. Every block is a learning experience that teaches them about interactions among these variables, and how they influence fruit compositions and wine quality. Small changes in any of them can have dramatic effects on the wine. There have been vineyards on the property for more than 140 years, and the Hendrys have been farming there for nearly half that time. As their knowledge grows, the vineyard blocks evolve, and the closer they get to understanding the full potential of the vineyard.

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