Marine Layer

Small-batch, cool climate wines from coveted vineyards along the California coast.

When I heard about Marine Layer a few years ago, I said out loud, to whomever was standing there, “great, that’s just what the world needs, another expensive and exclusive Sonoma County Pinot Noir brand”. My attitude, in short, was very very bad. But can you blame me? This was not a thing we were calling for at that time (still true). So, hitting the fast forward button, the wines were made, and bottled, and etc. They started direct to consumer only, to get their feet under them, and to understand their potential fan base, and then a few years in, we all sat down and tried the wines. And I said then, because I am a mature individual, that can admit when I’m wrong (or at least admit defeat), OMG I LOVE THEM. AND I might love you! Winemaker Rob Fischer, formerly and currently of many things, including Banshee Wines in the rear view, and Valravn now, is. Just. That. Good. The vineyards are exceptional, and the clear admiration of Rob and founder Baron Ziegler have of these special places in the world is clear. If the site speaks, sit back and listen! Just listen. And then, and then you drink.

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