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Mark Ryan Winery

We make a small production of sought-after wines, selected intentionally for their merit and potential.

Mark Ryan McNeilly founded Mark Ryan Winery in 1999. Largely self-taught, Mark’s goal was to make delicious wines representative of Washington state and varietal character, striving for the highest quality every vintage. He made connections in wine world, learning from the best producers in Washington, and doing his own sales in the beginning. My favorite factoid about Mark, in the early days, to shake off the nerves of presenting to customers, he wrote the below on a note card, and asked Seattle wine buyers to read it verbatim during sales calls. “Mark, you are a handsome and talented winemaker. Your wines are very good and I will buy some….” This is a man worth knowing! His years of doing everything himself earned him strong relationships in the community, and he now sources from the best sites in the state, and has a huge following. He also has a few fun other, value driven projects worth checking out; Why am I Mr. Pink (rosé), Board Track Racer, and Lu & Oly.

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