Mary Taylor

Priced like the bottom shelf, but authentic and labeled like the top shelf.

Are you cutting edge, or extra classic? Are you in with the new–or sticking with the tried and true? Either way my friends, either which way, Mary Taylor is for you! And, here is why. She has created a way to help two types of customers enjoy wine. Type one, a slightly less savvy person on a budget, who does not understand the European wine game, but isn’t fully terrified of dabbling. Type two, everyone else. In the words of Eric Asimov of The New York Times:

“…Mary Taylor…offers a simple, elegant solution, one that does not pander, condescend or dumb down. Instead, she has come up with a packaging approach for European appellation wines that is clear, consistent and unembellished, displaying the provenance and the producer on clean, white labels, with an easy-to-read-font….they are excellent values, priced at $13 to $19, and most important, the wines she has chosen are all good, forthright, unadorned representations of their terroirs.”

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