Monte Rio Cellars

Hand crafted wines in the spirit of old California.

For fun, Google, “Patrick Cappiello Images”, and see what comes up. Or just click here, and I’ll save your fingers the work. The interwebs is loaded with our guy to the right standing in front of walls of wine, looking earnest, cheerful, tall, a smidge gangly (sorry Patrick), and clearly the boss of those bottles. After 30 years in restaurants, Patrick traded his Somm pins in for a few hoses and a vest (all winemakers wear vests, disagree if you want, but I am not wrong). He studied with Pax Mahle, who is known for many things, from his label Pax to Wind Gap, Halcon, and more. Fast forward some years, Patrick has his own labor of love, Monte Rio Cellars, as well as a joint venture with Pax, Skull Wines.

Monte Rio focuses on heritage and classic California varieties, farmed organically and made naturally. These are tiny lots, old vines, and in the world of domestic wine, they are affordable! And delicious!


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