Rooted in sustainability, integrity, and personal connection. 

Onward Wines is Faith Armstrong. Born on a tiny island in British Columbia, Canada, traveling to school in a little boat called the Onward, her journey to winemaking was more of a meander than a straight line. She started in sales and marketing, and then went into production, which led her to UC Davis for some more formal training. Post graduation, she started at Frank Family where she worked her way up to Assistant Winemaker before branching out on her own. Onward’s focus is single-vineyard, site-driven wines from environmentally responsible growers–and, the wines are vibrant. A mother of four and a one woman show, Faith is an absolute force! She is known for making some of the original Pétillant Naturel in California (and for teaching many other winemakers how over the years), and for her elegant and affordable bottlings, from Skin Contact Malvasia, to Zinfandel Nouveau.

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