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Hands-on approach to all winemaking and vineyard operations, nothing is outsourced.

Ren and Marilyn Harris purchased 55 acres of prime Oakville vineyard in 1975. The vineyard sits on the west side of Highway 29 just below Harlan, south of Tokalon, and north of Dominus. Up until their first release in 1991, Ren and Marilyn were primarily grape-growers and grape-sellers, and to this day they still sell two thirds of their grapes to premium neighboring wineries while keeping roughly 100 tons annually for their estate-grown wines. Their wines are traditional, exceptionally ageworthy, and 32 years later, still owned and operated by Ren and Maryilyn Harris. Ren was named Napa Valley Grape Growers Grower of the Year in 2021 for his contribution to his industry in the Napa Valley.

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