Pied à Terre

Great Sonoma wine that is true to its place.

Pied à Terre. A brand I cannot spell, but that I fervently admire. It is the love child of Richard Luftig, a restaurant guy who spent multiple decades buying wine for the type of establishments us California people stalk whilst we are visiting New York City, like Felidia, and Washington Park. His path to making wine was born out of frustration and the need for something simple that he struggled to find. Aged, age worthy, soulful domestic Cabernet Sauvignon that most anyone can afford. He sources from three exceptional vineyards in Sonoma County and once everything is in barrel he blends his face off until he has the right wine. Then he lets it sit around and collect dust for a few extra years, because having youthful people over for dinner can be charming, but sitting down to overly fresh Cabernet can be downright alarming. That is Pied à Terre, and project number one from Richard. Project number two, is Love on Mars. Richard’s homage to David Bowie. A blend of two vineyards, combining mountain fruit with valley floor, Love on Mars is about opulence, generosity, and maybe a little bit of flash. And yet, never fear, it’s integrity remains. Like Mr. Bowie himself. There is balance in that there bottle, and that’s a fact.

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