Premium, sustainable Mezcal

Prolijo is a small batch Artisanal Mezcal, produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. Prolijo is the result of a collaboration between Co-Founders Juan Peña, a native of Mexico City and Katie Reichelt.

Juan and Katie started Prolijo Mezcal with one strategy – to produce small batch mezcal with Cultural Conscience, sourcing everything in Oaxaca, Mexico and ensuring the traditions and culture of the mezcal practice are preserved and celebrated. They work with local families to source all raw materials, for both the packing and bottling, to create opportunities for the poeple of Oaxaca. They partner with Doña Victoria, one of the few female mazcalistas, and other local producers who are in the business of agriculture. They proud to not only supply the world with premium mezcal, but to also support the people and traditions of Oaxaca.

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