Robert Biale

A revered standard of heritage vineyard Zinfandel and Petite Sirah in the Napa Valley.

Chickens, not sheep! As champions of old vines and protectors of historic sites in Napa and Sonoma, the folks at Biale are not sheep. Leaders, not followers (although I would not describe chickens as naturl leaders, you get the idea). The team at Biale have not succumbed to the seeming sameness in Napa, where so many of the stories are identical. “Cabernet and Cabernet only, unless you’re making a bit of Chardonnay”. Bob Biale’s grandfather, Aldo Biale started in Zinfandel, etc, and Bob has stayed the coarse. Black Chicken Zinfandel is their flagship–and has become a benchmark for the varietal. Their wines are known for strength of character, and fruit density with a truly elegant touch, so again, a departure from the over-the-top style of Zinfandel that had dominated the market for the last decade or so. Again I say, Chickens, not sheep!

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