Union Sacré

Freshness personified from the Central Coast

Union Sacré is the “instant success” record holder in our portfolio for going from zero to sold out in an unprecedented time frame. You start a partnership with your fingers crossed, certainly full of hope, but of course you never know until the wines go in the bag and out into the world. Union Sacré was unassuming; a total sleeper. Winemaker/owner Xavier Arnaudin is a WSET certified, oenology degree holder from France, and he is as humble and charming as what he puts in the bottle. These are not wines of privilege and power. They are the exceptional in their simplicity and freshness, and priced to for all humanity to consume whenever they so choose, but delicious and dynamic enough to appease the nerdiest of wine nerds (as if we know any of those…). In short, they are a miracle. A miraculous miracle miracle, to be technical about it.

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