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Valkyrie Selections

Brings wines from benchmark and emerging regions across the world to your table.

Valkyrie Selections is our original import partner! Way back in 2010, we were domestic only, with just a handful of brands. I had some boyfriend named Joe Corsini, who happened to work at The Spanish Table in Northern California. He tasted the “new stuff” being brought in by his friend’s Steve Graf, Baron Ziegler and Emily Peterson, and bought a bunch for the store, and encouraged us to have a conversation about representing the burgeuoning portfolio. Fast forward to today, and the their reach has expanded from Spain and France, to Australia and England. They have a strong domestic arm, which started with Banshee Wines, and is now Valravn, Averæn, Requeim, etc. Their team is innovative, dynamic, and always, always, always, ready to party!

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