Los Chuchaquis

Pioneering the future of old-school California viticulture and traditional wine from the rugged central coast.

Chuchaqui (choo-CHA-key) is a Quechua word for, “without legs” (as in extra drunk), and Los Chuchaquis is a joint venture between Ryan Stirm and Jehan Hakimian, and they bring us sparkling Albariño, sparkling Sangiovese, and some exciting etc. All with minimal intervention and maximum awesome. Ryan Stirm’s other and original label Stirm Wines is also well worth exploring (of course, we like totally sell it also), has a focus on Riesling, made naturally, and from exceptional vineyards on the central coast. His career started at Tyler and Lieu Dit, and then eventually he worked at Thomas Fogarty before he started Stirm Wines. Jehan Hakimian worked his first harvest in Calchaqui valley near Salta at 15. Since then he has managed to worm his way into almost every side of the wine business; retail, national wholesale, etc. He and Ryan make the wines together, and then Jehan gets to take them into the world.

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